Our Story

Our deep love for sport and a strong desire to make a positive impact on society and the planet motivated us to launch this initiative focused on innovation in and through sport: Collective Sports Innovation or COLSIN for short. 

We dedicate to build a community of like-minded people who can share knowledge and ideas, collaborate on projects, and support one another as they design, develop, and launch initiatives that address socioeconomic and planetary needs.

That’s why we started by designing the INOVERSE, a vibrant community of brilliant and committed sports innovators who come together as ideators, designers, champions, implementers, entrepreneurs, change-makers and futurists.


Our Team

Our Team

Håkon Ege


Ismael Nordli Elotmani

Expert on Innovation

Kazım Sarı

Strategic Foresight Practitioner, Futurist

M.Aksel Ege

Expert on Digital Services

Niko Keyesen

Concept Developer

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Our Locations

In addition to its cozy main office in the heart of Oslo, COLSIN is located in Igloo Innovation at Snøbyen, which is the center of Norway’s business community, innovation, and inspiration.

COLSIN offers the technological tools and equipment that can be utilized in the competency development workshops that it organizes so that young people can have a touch of diverse technologies. These include cutting-edge VR headsets, drones, AR-enabled tablets, cameras, microphones, and other audio-visual content creation tools.


We enjoy discussing ideas and projects in which we can collectively make a meaningful impact.