The WOMEN UP Project: Shaping the Future of Gender Equality in Sports

The future of sports is one where gender equality is no longer a barrier but rather a driving force. The WOMEN UP project is a European initiative that is taking the lead in breaking down gender stereotypes and prejudices in the world of sports, culture, and society. The goal is to create an ecosystem that […]

The #Springboard project is making waves in the world of sports and technology!

Our 4th transnational meeting, hosted by the Swedish Olympic Committee in Stockholm, brought together elite athletes and industry leaders to discuss the future of tech entrepreneurship, investment, and mentorship.

We’re proud to unveil the training program we’ve developed, based on the results of a comprehensive survey and interviews with 236 athletes from 5 different countries. This program is designed to provide the tools and resources needed for athletes to excel in the tech industry.

The program will be put to the test in October, with both online and in-person workshops at Igloo Innovation in Norway. We’re excited to see how it will empower athletes to take the next step in their careers.

A special thank you to Laura Marimon Giovannetti for hosting us and Allan Bennich Grønkjær for moderating the meeting. With the support of our great team, we’re confident that the #Springboard project will continue to make a positive impact.