COMPATH: Innovation Competencies of Young Athletes

We kicked-off our new project ”COMPATH: Innovation Competencies of Young Athletes”, which aims to strengthen the employability of young students-athletes aged 16-25 in the innovation and technology oriented sports industry.

The objective of the 36-month #COMPATH project, for which the European Commission has granted 400 000 Euros, is to develop educational resources that will help young student-athletes understand and experience sports-oriented technology and 21st century skills, sports business, entrepreneurship, different thinking and literacy methods.

Also, the COMPATH project, in which 10 partners from 8 different countries are involved, aims to launch the digital ‘‘Competence Hub’’ on Sport Innovation where young student-athletes will acquire the skills and competencies to increase their employability in the sports industry.


The COMPATH project focuses on the development of skills and competences of young athletes on the following 12 topics under two categories:

Sport-Oriented Technology Skills:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Sport
  • Big Data Analytics in Sport
  • Drone Technology in Sport Industry
  • Fan Engagement/Experience through Digital Tools
  • Internet of Things in Sport Industry
  • VR/AR/XR in Sport
  • E-Sport and Sports-Focused Gaming
  • Wearables and Equipment for Athletic Performance


Sport-Adapted 21st Century Skills:

  • Sport-Adapted Learning Skills (critical thinking, creativity, communication)
  • Sport-Adapted Literacy Skills (information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy)
  • Career Planning and Entering to Technology-Oriented Sports Business World
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset in Sports Businesses


It was a great pleasure to organise this kick-off meeting at Igloo Innovation and its exciting environment in SNØ.


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