Inoverse, a key component of COLSIN, is a multifaceted platform designed to foster and drive innovation in and through sport. It aims to create a dynamic environment for sports innovators to learn, connect, and collaborate on projects, products, and services that address socioeconomic and planetary needs. Inoverse is structured around three core components: the collective.CAMPUS, the collective.LAB, and collective.EVENTS.

Inoverse represents a vibrant community of brilliant and committed sport innovators as ideators, designers, champions, implementors, entrepreneurs, change-makers and futurists. Inoverse helps people to develop their skills, build a network and get mentoring. Inoverse also provides them with a space that is independent of physical location for connecting, collaborating and acting.

Inoverse serves as the backbone of the COLSIN, providing an integrated platform for sports innovators to connect, collaborate, and co-create a positive impact on society and the environment through their innovations.

Hubs in Inoverse


The collective.CAMPUS an educational hub that offers training, mentoring, and career services to individuals and organisations within the sports innovation community. The collective.CAMPUS is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to succeed in the world of sports innovation. It features workshops, seminars, and online courses, as well as mentoring services that pair experienced professionals with aspiring innovators. 

We offer training programs and workshops prepared with trusted organisations that will help you develop new and future skills that you can immediately apply to your career on trending topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, design, technology, futurism and sustainability in and through sport, and gain the necessary competencies to start your new career to land an entry-level job.

We organise in-person workshop on innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and futures thinking in and through sport.

Mentoring Hub is designed to connect people with experienced professionals on the sport innovation field who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Career Hub includes internships, job shadowing and simulations. Internships are work opportunities for students or recent graduates to gain experience in a specific field in innovation-oriented sport industries. The goal of internships is to provide students or recent graduates with the opportunity to gain practical experience, develop skills, and make connections in the innovation and technology-oriented sport industry. The goal of job shadowing is to give the participant a better understanding of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of a specific job, as well as what skills and qualifications are needed to excel in that field. Simulations are interactive, hands-on exercises that allow participants to experience different aspects of a job or industry on sports innovation domain.


The collective.LAB is a collaborative space serves as a melting pot for ideas and projects in the sports innovation domain. The collective.LAB brings together individuals and organisations from diverse backgrounds to develop joint projects, products, and services. It offers an environment that encourages open communication, networking, the exchange of ideas and project design, enabling the sports innovation community to thrive.


The design hub uses planet-centric design principles to understand the needs and challenges of its inhabitants and provide support that is tailored to their specific projects and goals. In Design Hub, we help our strategic members prepare grant projects and get external financing and facilitate these processes with tools.

The Networking Hub is designed to connect people with a diverse group of like-minded individuals and organisations working on innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, future studies and sustainability in and through sport.


The collective.Events provides opportunities for members of the sports innovation community to engage, network, and learn from one another. collective. Events take various forms, such as workshops, webinars, days and summits, and can be organised or co-hosted by COLSIN or its strategic partners. Through these events, participants share their experiences, good practices, challenges, and successes, thereby fostering the collective consciousness and good relationship among sports innovators.

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